Spring Community Hub
At Spring Community Hub we aim to address the underlying causes of food poverty and inequality through giving out Food Parcels, operating Holiday Clubs and Personal Development Programmes in different locations across Southwark.


Spring Community Hub exists to make sure no one in our community goes hungry. But we don’t just provide food, we work alongside people to help them escape food poverty, build confidence and find community.



Our vision at Spring Community Hub is to tackle food poverty and hunger. We want to see equality in our communities and be a vehicle for positive and lasting change in our clients so that they never need a Food Bank again. 




 Without our service, many of the individuals and families we support would be experiencing food insecurity and inequalities. We work alongside people to help them escape food poverty, build confidence and find community


Based on the first London-based survey on food insecurity, which included Southwark residents, 23.5% of Southwark residents aged 16+, and 25.8% of 0-16-year-olds in Southwark are food insecure. This is significantly higher than the London average of 21% for adults and 17.5% for children. 


Prevalence of food insecurity among Black residents of Southwark is much higher than among White residents (46% compared with 9%). Prevalence is also high amongst people who are unemployed, long-term sick, or disabled (over half).


Additionally, the following proxy measures suggest many Southwark residents are at risk of being food insecure:

  • 4 in 10 Southwark residents live in areas considered the most deprived nationally
  • 5.8% of adults of working age are unemployed, the fifth-highest rate in London
  • 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 are income deprived
At SCH these explain what we stand for and believe in. They are our Principles, ideals, and characteristics that define the culture, standards and aspiration of the organisation.
An organisation driven by people with integrity and commitment to the cause
We believe in leadership, development, growth, and continual learning
Ensuring fairness and equity
Creating a place of respect and dignity for all
A healthy environment where people have fun and can be creative
Recognised by Southwark as Heroes and included in a Southwark Life Article for our contributions during the Pandemic
Our volunteers have received recognition every year from Community Southwark for their Contributions
Our CEO was invited to the Queens Royal Garden Party to recognise Springs Contribution to the Community during the pandemic
Featured on Good Morning Britain, BBC London and other local and national media
Our strength is that we have a wide variety of partners and we have a good understanding of the community and their needs and building relationships and this is something we are proud of
We are always looking to work in more innovative and creative ways which opens up opportunities and enables us to better support our clients and develop our service and support
We offer a good range of fresh, ambient and culturally sensitive food which suits the needs of those we support which is something that we are proud of
We work in client centered and personalised way , which aims to build confidence , reduce inequalities and stigma and empower our guests rather than encourage interdependance

We are looking for those who align with our ethos and values and have the following  Personal qualities, attitudes, skills, experience, and knowledge 


  • Non-judgmental 
  • Respectful -
  •  Good listening skills -
  •  Reliable - 
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills -
  • Able to maintain confidentiality. - 
  • Empathetic to those in the community and issues affecting our guests- 
  • Friendly and professional.
  • Being non-advisory — even if you feel you have useful advice to give, it is not our place as a service to do so
  • Being non-directional — trying not to explain or interpret the guest's issues or lead the conversation




 We are different because we look to provide a holistic service, where we look at the whole person and to identify ways to empower each individual in a personalised way. The food that we provide is predominately fresh and culturally sensitive and we aim to source local produce. 

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Housing caseworker
Spring Community Hub
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Housing caseworker
Homelessness, Mental Health, Poverty

We are looking for volunteers who can commit at least 4 hours a week on an ongoing basis. Full DBS check and travel expenses covered. Volunteers receive information, advice and training Weekly meetings are held on Saturday for 1 hour