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REUK's mission is to equip young refugees to build positive futures by thriving in education. We work with young refugees from across the world at every stage of their educational journeys. Accessing education is just the first step: we want all refugee children and young people to thrive in education, reach their academic potential and experience better social, emotional and mental health.

We are working towards a world where all refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people can access education, thrive in education, and use that education to create a hopeful, brighter future. We do this by supporting over 600 young refugees and asylum seekers each year with a range of programmes. For each one of these young people, REUK offers guidance in overcoming the significant barriers to accessing education, supports their achievement of significant education outcomes, and helps them use their education to create meaningful futures in leadership and employment. REUK's flagship educational mentoring programme matches young refugees with trained volunteer mentors across London, the East of England, Oxford and Birmingham; their educational wellbeing programme addresses the acute educational and mental health challenges that some young people face; the educational progression programme supports young people looking to access further and higher education; and their training programme upskills practitioners and professionals in supporting young refugees. REUK also conducts research in the UK and internationally on the subject of refugee education. 


Now more so than ever, refugees in the UK need support and solidarity. We know our programmes improve educational access and outcomes for hundreds of refugees each year. Education is a springboard for accessing employment, better mental health and social wellbeing. 

Valuing the individual - We believe that each person is precious and should be treated with kindness and dignity. We honour and respect everyone we work with – young people, colleagues and other professionals. We do our best to listen deeply as we work, valuing everyone's story and experience. We practice self-care within our team – doing our best to work from a place of rest and peace
A foundation of hope - We have a deeply held belief in hope – in good times and in bad, and invest in education as a practical demonstration of our belief in the potential for hopeful futures. We respect and support the hopes that the young people we work with have for their lives. We believe in the importance of bearing witness to challenges and pain, even, and especially, when there are no answers. We also share and celebrate joy, even in the small things.
Changing the landscape - Our work is rooted with individual young people and groups of young people, but we also know structural change is needed. Together with the young people we work with and have worked with, we conduct research, make policy recommendations, and train others – in the hope that one day our work will no longer be needed.
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