South London Refugee Association
To ensure that migrants in South London are active participants with access to justice and opportunity.

South London Refugee Association is a front line community organisation providing specialist advice and support to refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants who are at risk or in crisis because of past trauma or restrictions related to their current immigration status. We have been working in South London since 1991 and we are a well regarded and trusted local service able to clearly evidence our impact.

Our committed, supportive team provides a range of services including advice and casework, ESOL classes, counselling, supportive group sessions, youth casework and activities for families and young people.



Most of the people we work with come from countries affected by political conflict and instability. They include young people who have experienced trauma and have arrived alone and disorientated in London, families trying to navigate the UK’s complex asylum process and others who have been trafficked to the UK. We aim to fill the gaps in service provision and go the extra mile to make a difference to people’s lives and empower them to take steps for their well-being.

The government’s hostile environment agenda, severe cuts to local authority funding and to Legal Aid have had a devastating effect on vulnerable migrants, pushing many into abject destitution and creating fear of approaching statutory services for even essential needs.

A lack of access to free, high quality immigration advice and casework in general and particularly in South West London means that people too often have no route out of hardship and destitution and so face huge barriers to settlement and to realising their potential.

We believe that migrants have a vital contribution to make and that with timely specialist support and accessible opportunities to gain knowledge and skills all can thrive.